Thank You Lord, for Allowing Me the Knowledge, Ability, & Patience to Save My Family Money!

May We Use This Money To Glorify You!

To God Be The Glory!


NO Sunday Coupons 5/29

There will be NO!!! coupons in this Sunday's paper (5/29).  So save your money!!!

If you go to this website:, you will find a list of what to expect each Sunday in your papers (the next weeks is usually available on Wednesdays, I think).  Now the coupons can vary by region, so keep that in mind.  Most of the time on Holidays (like this week) the paper will NOT have any coupons.

So save your paper money til next week, when you can expect to get some coupons!  Next Sunday should be a good one, since P&G will probably put out their monthly insert!!

So take a break this week from running to buy papers & clipping them!!

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