Thank You Lord, for Allowing Me the Knowledge, Ability, & Patience to Save My Family Money!

May We Use This Money To Glorify You!

To God Be The Glory!


FREEbies: Coming Soon!!!


Fiber One will be giving away FREE boxes of Fiber One 90 Calorie Brownies every day for the next 6 days, via Facebook.  So go on over and "like" Fiber One, so you will be able to see when the giveaway goes live!  The post that Fiber One wrote said that the giveaway would happen at random times every afternoon.


Scrubbing Bubbles has been giving away prize packs for the past couple months.  Each time they have a giveaway they give their Facebook fans a hint.  Here is the hint for the next giveaway:

"The next Freebie Day will be on the same day as National Fried Chicken Day and we want to give you even more to savor with 350 full product packs. Swing by our wall between 3:10-3:25 Central Standard time on this yummy day for a chance to get these freebies while they're hot!"

Everyone is saying that it will be July 6th, I'm not positive because I've not looked up when National Fried Chicken day is (lol). These samples go EXTREMELY fast.  I've tired twice in the past & I've still not won. But when Scrubbing Bubbles has almost 129,000 fans, and only gives away 350 prize packs, it's going to be a fight.

So if you are interested in fighting for this prize pack, you may want to go ahead & "like" Scrubbing Bubbles on Facebook

Pantene posted that if you were unable to get through last week when they gave away all those coupons for FREE products to send them an e-mail & they would mail you a coupon.  Here is what they said on Facebook:
"If you weren't able to claim a coupon due to technical issues, email us ( with Your Name, Your Address, Your Email and we will send you a coupon for FREE Pantene."

This offer END TONIGHT!! (7/5/11), so hurry & get those e-mails in!!!